In the strongest terms possible,
we do not recommend RIGD.

RIGD contains zero-day option (0DTE) alerts for $SPY and $QQQ.

0DTE options are the most volatile financial derivatives ever created. Trading 0DTE options is extremely degenerate and will likely result in 100% loss of capital.

RIGD will change everything about you.

You won’t look at markets the same, you won’t go to sleep the same, you won’t wake up the same, you will not be the same person.
How could you?

RIGD's proprietary approach and methodology isn’t just out of the box… it’s anti-orthodox.

There are no technical triangles, wedges, bands, waves or whatever else they tell you is important.

We’re obsessed with bulls at bottoms, bears at tops, green florbs, red florbs, flatio, flore and worship the lizard people.

RIGD is the red pill.